Lab Catalog

Following are some of the Exponential Platforms and Assets from EPIC. We are continuously building capabilities on Exponential Technologies.

  • Quantum Resistant Distributed Ledger
  • Quantum Key Distribution Protocol
  • Quantum Gates and Circuits
  • Quantum Computing Algorithms
  • HashGraph Consensus and SWIRLDS
  • IOTA Ledger based on Tangle Protocol
  • IOTA Ledger based DAG Visualization
  • IOTA Ledger – MQTT Protocol Integration
  • IOTA Light Node on Raspberry Pi
  • Hyperledger Sawtooth for Blockchains
  • Build Your Own Blockchain on Python
  • Build Your Own Blockchain on Multichain
  • Regional CNN using YOLO
  • GAN on Google Inception Dataset
  • Embark Framework for Blockchain
  • Blockchain based Smart Meter
  • Cardano Wallet and Blockchain
  • Waves Wallet and Blockchain
  • Ethereum + IPFS Integration
  • Blockchain Computing on Golem