Internship Catalog

EPIC Knowledge Society is committed to the development of knowledge collectives across social realms through the creative convergence of people, processes, business and technology. EPIC has designed future forward internship programs focused on the digital convergence of AI, Analytics, Big Data, Blockchain, Cloud, Cybersecurity, Cryptography, Data Science, Design Thinking, Differential Privacy, IoT and Quantum Computing, Quantum Cryptography, Post Quantum Cryptography to address various challenges related to Data Analytics, Data Visualisation, Data Security, Data Governance, Data Privacy etc.

EPIC Knowledge Society Internship Programs are designed in a framework consisting of problem statements, architecture thinking paradigms, viability models, feasibility models, rapid prototyping techniques, product design, development and management methodologies, go to market strategies etc.

EPIC has published a collection of problem statements as the creative convergence catalog (EC3). Interns will be provided mentoring to develop a minimum viable prototype to solve the problem statement. A minimum viable concept is the first step. The next step is to demonstrate a minimum viable technology that can be used to realise the minimum viable concept. Once the technology is found suitable it can be further developed to a minimum viable product integrating the minimum viable concept and minimum viable technology.

EPIC Knowledge Society Innovation Internship Application Form :

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