EPIC Knowledge Society is a non profit organisation founded by pioneers in societal education. It is envisioned as an Ecosystem with Emergent Properties for Innovation Convergence, with a perspective on building Exponential Platforms that curates Innovation Communities. EPIC work towards enabling the digital transformation of the civil society through various constructing, curating, compiling and codifying knowledge. EPIC is the knowledge collective for the digital age. EPIC is also a meeting point of social entrepreneurs and social evangelists to build and rebuild society in challenging times. EPIC is the convergence of progressive forces to construct a future forward social fabric.

EPIC is a Knowledge Collective to build Exponential Platforms focusing on Innovation Communities. EPIC Knowledge Society is a pioneer in connecting knowledge and human interests. We are working constructing a culture of creative convergence and creative confidence through nurturing a societal platform for accelerated convergence in education sector (SPACE). Through the SPACE Labs we are creating a future factory of minimum viable concepts which gets integrated to minimum viable technologies and produce minimum viable prototypes and minimum marketable products. EPIC Knowledge Society will be the epic centre of learning, sharing and growing future entrepreneurs and evangelists !

EPIC focuses on following sectors:

  • Digital Economy Development
  • Digital Ecosystem Development
  • Digital Evangelist Network
  • Digital Professional Programs
  • Digital Innovation Management
  • Digital Business Advisory Services


  • Agnus Antony
  • Alexander Baby
  • Amrita Antony
  • Dhanendra Singh
  • Gokul Alex

EPIC Knowledge Society is registered under the Travancore – Cochin ACT in the name of Educational Platforms for Imagination and Creativity on 13/04/2016 as KLM/TC/211/2016.