EPIC Knowledge Society is an Emerging Platform for Innovation Convergence, with a perspective on building Exponential Platforms that curates Innovation Communities. EPIC work towards enabling the digital transformation of the civil society through various academic programs and research initiatives. EPIC is also a meeting point of social entrepreneurs and social evangelists to build and rebuild society in challenging times. EPIC is the convergence of progressive forces to construct a future forward social fabric.

EPIC focuses on following sectors:

  • Digital Economy Development
  • Digital Ecosystem Development
  • Digital Evangelist Network
  • Digital Professional Programs
  • Digital Innovation Management
  • Digital Business Advisory Services


  • Agnus Antony
  • Alexander Baby
  • Amrita Antony
  • Gokul Alex

EPIC Knowledge Society is registered under the Travancore – Cochin ACT in the name of Educational Platforms for Imagination and Creativity on 13/04/2016 as KLM/TC/211/2016.