EPIC is inviting applications for the Post Quantum Cryptography Internship Opportunities !

We are working on Post Quantum Cryptography techniques such as Hash based Cryptography, Lattice based Cryptography, Code based Cryptography, Machine Generated Proofs, LWE, RL-LWE etc. We will deep dive on mathematical constructs such as Rings, Groups, Fields, Number Theory, Topology, Combinatorics etc as part of the internship assignments. We will be implementing Quantum Resistant Blockchains, Quantum Knowledge Proofs and Quantum Resistant Data Structures using Post Quantum Cryptography Techniques.

EPIC is inviting applications for Quantum Computing Internships !!

Quantum Computing Internship program covers the fundamentals of Quantum Physics, Quantum Gates , Quantum Circuits, Quantum Algorithms, Quantum Information Theory and Quantum Computation Complexity. We will provide internship assignment related to Quantum Cryptography, QRNG, Quantum GIS, Quantum Game Theory, Quantum Blockchain, Quantum AI / ML, and Post Quantum Cryptography.

World’s first IOT Digital Week !

World’s first Internet of Things digital week. Five days of webinars, downloadable content and international discussion with industry peers and…